OsmInEdit : a simple indoor editor

Thomas Sontag, Andreas Dirks, Hannes Geißelmann and Adrien Pavie

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The Indoor Map Creator is an easy-to-use open-source map editor for OSM indoor data. It's web-based with an intuitive user interface to make mapping indoors accessible and easy for everyone. Check it out and enjoy mapping buildings!

The demand for Indoor Navigation is increasing worldwide. Unlike outdoor GPS navigation, indoor navigation is still rare and expanding at a slow pace. That is in part due to the fragmented landscape for positioning technology and in part due to the absence of indoor maps. Successful mapping starts with good tools. That's why we have developed a tool for mappers to create and edit indoor maps easily. With OSMInEdit we aim to repeat the OSM success story for the indoor space. The foundation for the OSM indoor data model is already laid out. The “Simple Indoor Tagging” schema is the community consensus on how to represent indoor data in OSM. It allows tagging of indoor specific content and is actively used and supported by the community. Popular OSM editors like ID and JOSM lack essential features that are required to map buildings - you need, for example, specific styling to filter data level by level, specific indoor tags, and indoor specific validation rules. OSMInEdit is an easy-to-use use web-based map editor that solves these specific challenges. It offers, for example, “Simple Indoor Tagging” presets, specific indoor styling, the ability to import custom floor plans, display them in the background and an easy way to edit routing graphs.