Let's roll out mass encryption!

'Cause mass surveillance is there for too long already


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Let's "optimize" the cost of mass surveillance by rolling out encryption for the masses! We're already heading forward on that crossroad of privacy! We're developing pretty Easy privacy (pEp or p≡p) to make encryption easily available for everyone.

We've given up on the idea start protecting themselves, so we're writing protocols (and software) compatible with existing crypto and transport protocols. p≡p does what the user would want to do. This approach of taking away crypto needs from users’ view can be plugged into existing communication sofware.

p≡p motivates a new standard to securely encrypt and verify written communications without reinventing the wheel: p≡p eases secure communications relying on well-established end-to-end cryptographic methods by design. Following standards like OpenPGPG or OTR it integrates into existing systems for written digital communications and automating key management tasks.

p≡p's protocols automate the steps taught to users at cryptoparties, to protect their personal security and privacy by default. For easy integration of p≡p into application programming we provide very simple APIs because ultimately p≡p wants to change the default: from unencrypted, unverified and unanonymized to encrypted, verified and anonymized.

We support multiple platforms, multiple languages, multiple crypto technologies and multiple message transports. We will offer a Peer-to-Peer, End-to-End and device based secure synchronization of keys and configuration that is regularly audited Open Source and Free Software.