EOxCloudless: Level-3 Analysis Ready Satellite Data

Joachim Ungar, Petr Sevcik and Elias Wanko

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Having an enormous amount of data available can be difficult to handle. At EOX among other things we create global satellite basemaps (https://s2maps.eu), therefore we understand that saving resources increases reliability of any tool, product or data. While working on the basemaps we found out we can derive new products for our customers: multispectral cloud free mosaics (https://cloudless.eox.at).

Usually, a user is confronted with a large number of single scenes or products with varying degrees of quality and cloud coverage. To make this first step of using EO data easier a good extraction method and data bundling becomes more and more important to make it easier to access Earth observation data without having to dig through the archives. Such dissemination options allow everyone to easily access large datasets which are reduced and prepared for instant analysis, machine learning, validation, etc.

There are some guidelines which try to define analysis ready data (ARD), however with no clear definition at hand. We are utilizing the experience we have gathered while working closely with our customers. These range from scientists, industry and various national agencies. Every single one of these have their own specifications and