SHOGun, GeoServer & QGIS Integration: Manage WebGIS Applications from your Desktop

Till Adams

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SHOGun is an Open Source WebGIS framework, that is widely used in private companies, public administrations and also research projects.
SHOGun combines user-, data- and application management through a webfrontend, like many others do.
Learning new workflows and familiarizing yourself with new application environments is a big challenge for many users. Therefore, possibilities should be created to make the changeover easier for users and to link new technologies with existing ones.
In order to bring desktop GIS and webbased GIS systems cloer together, we developped the QGIS plug-in "SHOGun Editor".
The talk will show how SHOGun-based WebGIS applications and GeoServer served layers can be administered in QGIS with regard to adding and styling layers and applications.

The plugin uses both, the SHOGun and the GeoServer REST API. Using the SHOGun editor, the most central entities layers and applications can be administered almost completely. This includes the creation of new projects/applications as well as the addition and styling of layers. SHOGun-Editor provides the extensive editing options of QGIS also for web applications with a modern, stable and secured backend and helps to setup a pure Open Source based Geodata-I