GeoEasy, free surveying calculations

Zoltan Siki

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GeoEasy is a complex open source tool for land surveyors’ calculations. It has a quite long history, its development started in 1997, but new among the open source software. The license was changed to GPL in 2017. GeoEasy is available on Linux and Windows platforms, too. A graphical user interface (GUI) makes the program user friendly.
Besides the basic surveying calculations it is suitable for network adjustment, local coordinate transformations. digital terrain models and regression calculations. The program supports several input (electric field-books of total stations, csv, dxf) and output formats (csv, dxf, gpx, kml, vrml, ascii grid), so it can easily be inserted into user’s work-flow and can fill the gap between the surveyor’s data and GIS.
GeoEasy is based on other open source projects among others PROJ, GNU GaMa, Triangle and available in five languages (English, German, Czech, Russian and Hungarian). The source code is available on GitHub.
The aim of the presentation is to make the user and developer community wider.