BruGIS Data Management (BDM) : QGIS plugins to manage and edit data


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BruGIS® is a cartographic tool developed by a public interest organization ( and used for the management and planning of the territory in the Brussels Capital Region. BruGIS Data Management is a QGIS client to update spatial data published on the BruGIS platform. Implemented with Open Source technologies (QGIS, GeoServer, Django, Python, etc.) it provides a centralized, uniform and exclusive way to edit spatial data online.

After a short overview of the architecture, we’ll focus on the demo of QGIS client using 2 plugins (admin and user). We’ll be able to create a new user and assign him editing rights on a layer. Then edit the layer allowed, modify, validate (topological) and finally submit it. Lastly, we’ll publish the modified and validated layer.
The path of the modified table will be followed through the DB environment of BruGIS. The organization of data synchronization through the three environments (production, staging, diffusion) will be briefly addressed.

The purpose of this demonstration is not to go into the technical details of the production flow but rather to exemplify the use of Open Source technologies within the framework of the daily management of the urban data in a public administration.