Geopaparazzi state of the art of the digital field mapping application

Andrea Antonello

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Geopaparazzi is an application for field surveys and digital field mapping for Android devices. Its simplicity and the possibility to use on as good as any Android device makes it a trusty field companion for engineers and geologists, but also for tourists who wish to keep a geodiary and any user that needs to be aware of his position even in offline mode.
In Geopaparazzi it is possible to take notes with text, pictures and sketches and place them on the map. Notes can also be complex and form based in order to standardize surveys in which many people need to be coordinated.

Recently we started the development of the Geopaparazzi Survey Server (GSS), a web application that allows geopaparazzi users to synchronize their projects data with a central server, together with its companion, an Android app named Geopaparazzi Survey Server Sync (GSSS) available on google play to synchronize the data of the Geopaparazzi projects to the server.

The presentation will show the main features of Geopaparazzi, the tools available in gvSIG, the Geopaparazzi Survey Server, the Geopaparazzi Survey Server Sync and some examples of customization of the application for different use cases.