Open Source Practice and Passion at OSGeo

Jody Garnett

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Open Source is more than just a license - join us at FOSS4G to dig into the “best practices” that can help your project succeed with open source. This talk builds on the lessons learned by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation in twelve years helping project teams and building the foss4g community.

This presentations looks at the core values that OSGeo as an organization ask projects to adopt. We will discuss why we consider these factors critical to success, and practical ways they can be applied to your project.

* To introduce OSGeo principles we will look at what is required to list an open source project on our website.
* Our community program is used to explore how these principles are applied in practice.
* Unpack how each principles is realized in the OSGeo incubation program, using examples of “OSGeo Projects” to explore different ways of achieving success.

We invite project teams interested in succeeding with open source to attend this talk (and list your project on the OSGeo project directory after the presentation).

If you are new to open source, or cautious, consider this talk an introduction to some of the risk factors associated with open source and community work - and mitigation steps to consider.