Lightning talks #2

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During this lightning talks session, you will hear a brief presentation of several projects. Each talk lasts 10min, including questions.

Mbabel tool - automatic articles on Wikipedia with Wikidata
This talk will present the Mbabel tool tool that works under the concept of structured narratives for automatic Wikipedia entries generation using Wikidata information. I’ll cover the context of its development, how it works, why it was created, how it’s being used in Brazil on GLAM and Education projects and finally what’s yet to come!

The Role of Wikidata in the Open Knowledge Network for Geosciences
Yolanda Gil
The Open Knowledge Network (OKN) is a US initiative with the goal to provide infrastructure for publicly accessible knowledge graphs that have five key characteristics: 1) they are public and openly accessible, 2) they are created, curated, and managed in a distributed manner, 3) their contents are created mostly automatically, 4) they include rich provenance about the sources of information, and 5) have natural interfaces for lay users. Wikidata includes geospatial entities, geophysical variables, and general geosciences concepts and could serve as a backbone for OKN in geosciences. Conversely, OKN could augment Wikidata with geoscience entities and datasets, deep time representations (prior eras), and computationally derived datasets. We will also describe a collection of driving use cases in geosciences, such as environmental impact of human activities and climate dynamics, and related applications in environmental sciences, social sciences, and health. Finally, we will discuss the generality of our tools to other domains, specifically controlled crowdsourcing of ontologies and their potential use in Wikidata."

Something exciting about Wikibase

QAnswer, a Question Answering System on top of Wikidata
Dennis Diefenbach
I will make a demo of QAnswer: a Question Answering system over Wikidata. Example of some question that we can answer, problems related to "quality problems" in the dataset, how we exploit the multilinguality of Wikidata, how we collect feedback by users to improve and current challenges. Slides available under [1], demo available under

Slides of the presentation of QAnswer at the WikidataConf 2019 session Lightning talks 2
A Wikidata-powered mobile app
Eugene Alvin Villar User:seav

Panandâ is a mobile app that lets users explore the historical plaques installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and its predecessor agencies. The app uses data from Wikidata and photos from Wikimedia Commons and was first released in May 2018. This lightning talk gives the app’s background, introduces the team that adds and maintains data in Wikidata, and explains the technology and challenges related to developing the app to consume data from Wikidata.