Power to the Patient

How Crowdsourcing could change Biomedicine

Bastian Greshake and Fabian Zimmer

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Thanks to technological advances biomedicine has changed rapidly in the last years. Large amounts of genetic/biomecial data can be produced at low cost. In the near future it may be standard to produce full-genome scans to diagnose diseases and to treat patients more effectively using personalised drugs. Even though ... has been generated already, the lack of data sharing slows down the progress of biomedicine significantly. This lack does not only arise due to the competitiveness of the field, but also because bioethics and privacy concerns have to be kept in mind. Should scientists share the data of participants? Should patients get access to the raw data produced during diagnosis? And could this be a solution to open up biomedicine while keeping those concerns in mind? We will present how biomedicine has already changed, where those advances are used today in a clinical setting and how crowdsourcing could be a driving factor in opening biomedical data.