Lightning Talks III

Said Turksever, Ilya Zverev, Beata Tautan-Jancso, Sibabrata Choudhury and Alina Negreanu

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Lightning Talks

## Human in the Loop: Verifying Machine-Generated Data for Better Maps
Said Turksever

Machine-generated map data has the potential to considerably accelerate mapping at scale. Combining it with human review helps ensure high data quality. We’ll show how a simple game-based tool helps verify the map data generated by Mapillary’s AI, and how that data helps enhance OpenStreetMap.

## Share the word
Ilya Zverev

WeeklyOSM is great, but is it the only channel for following news in OpenStreetMap? For most countries, yes. And that is sad. You can change it for the better: start a blog, record a podcast, tweet something. Here I will share my experience at keeping OSM community informed.

## Enhancing OSM with missing roads
Beata Tautan-Jancso

ImproveOSM is a powerful tool that detects and highlights areas in OSM where roads, one-way attributes, and turn restrictions are missing from the map. The first version of the JOSM plugin was released in 2015. Since then, the community has improved almost 200.000 areas with missing roads.

## Community led mapping helping in policy changes
Sibabrata Choudhury

Beginning of 2015 a process of community consultation and community led advocacy in the eastern state of India has resulted in several communities developing maps of their plots which has been a breakthrough experience.

## How to create a data annotation process used for navigation
Alina Negreanu

In this talk, the Telenav OpenTerra team will present how they built their data annotation team and the processes they developed in order to assure high-quality annotations, on which their AI algorithms heavily rely on. They will talk about good practices to use when building manual datasets and the hurdles they had to overcome in order to reach their quality requirements, having so far reached more than 600 000 annotations.