OpenDatathon activities in Japan

Shinji Enoki

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As one of the outreach activities in Japan, OpenDatathon which holds mapping party and Wikipedia editing event simultaneously, are regularly held. As a member of an Organizer group, I will introduce OpenDatathon case studies and consider their potential.

In Japan, many OpenDatathon are held by various operators. It does the mapping party and editing of Wikipedia, other OpenData editing as one event. This contributes to the increase in opportunities to learn OpenData, the exchange of people involved in OpenData, and the increase of contributors. As a member of the group that organizes OpenDatathon, I will explain the purpose, effect, and spread of this initiative.

The purpose of OpenDatathon's activities is different for each organizing group. Among the purposes, cases aimed at local information distribution are worth noting. It edits information on OSM and Wikipedia and uses it for the development of the local community. Because Civic Tech communities and local government organizations are often interested in it.

For example, the library is collecting material about the history of the area. Writing on Wikipedia using them is important to them. The number of OpenDatathon hosted by the library is increasing.

We also frequently support events organized by other organizations. That way, they can manage the event without having direct contact with OSM and Wikipedia experts.

In addition, it is possible for people of various motivations to participate by incorporating the fun of walking around town. In order to edit OSM and Wikipedia, We are looking for historical or important topics in the local area. In addition, we may hold multiple events as a series of historical themes.
We are planning a story in mapping, and creating a motivation for people to participate by incorporating a specific feature.

As our future challenge, not only disseminate local information by themselves, they will organize hackathon by using the OSM geospatial database and the Wikipedia document data. We want to increase activities. The code and data are linked in an area-oriented.