Solving social networking through interconnectivity


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Obviously social networking needs to be decentralized, but how? Interoperability and federated data spaces have brought us a long way, but these solutions have their limits. We're building "user centered compatibility for non-interoperable systems", so users can stay connected with each other, no matter the tech their using.

We are the team of the iconet foundation, a non-profit organization for research promotion and customer protection. Our goal is to shape the global social network market towards interconnectivity, so users can choose themselves, which application they want to use and which networks to participate in, but still be connected with their friends. This digital sovereignty is urgently needed, so our society can move towards a healthier online communication environment.
We base our work around the development of "user centered compatibility for non-interoperable systems". A global identity space paired with embedded experience capabilities shall allow users in different systems to communicate and interact without compatibility issues.
In the presentation we want to talk about the tech, the impact and the next steps in solving social networking.


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