Where did all the parts go - the 202x component availability trashfire


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Since early 2021, it has been impossible to buy most integrated circuits and various other components. I'll explain how and why this happened, why it's going to keep happening, and where the fragility of the electronics manufacturing ecosystem comes from.

A terrible miscalculation by one unrelated industry (car manufacturing) caused the entire electronics market to fall apart in a spectacular way, meaning that for over a year now it's been impossible to buy many important electronic components, including most ICs. I'll talk about how the electronics component ecosystem is structured, why it's inherently fragile, and how everyone acting in their own best interest has made the problem worse. I'll also share some stories about working around supply issues at various companies and projects I've been involved with during this period.

Come hear a fireside chat about how car companies are trash, how you can build a world economy on shortsightedness, and how two conference calls can bring down the entire world's supply of essential parts.