Decentralized search engine for press reviews


Playlists: 'MCH2022' videos starting here / audio is a WebExtention to help you exploring the online press, with no middlemen between the newspapers and your web browser. It allows you to discover millions of results within seconds and lists the last ones of each sources. Searches can be scheduled and results can be selected and exported. is a free software project built as a decentralized alternative to Google News. It is developed by Simon Descarpentries, ex-member of La Quadrature du Net, treasurer of the Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality and web artisan with 20 years of experience. runs entirely from your web browser and requires nothing else than online newspapers with internal search features to run. It supports currently more than 500 sources (newspapers, scientific press, online agendas…) but everything is made to help users contributing more sources.

Using, there is no data sent to third parties (including our servers). We're not asking the users to believe us about the respect of their privacy, it's a matter of verifiable fact. No servers also means that is not a single point of failure, surveillance or censorship, like GAFAM are. helps you evading the swamp of third-party trackers and it works great from a Tor Browser.