Knock knock, who’s there?

Is your door locked? Are you sure?


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One of the most used video entry systems is analysed for this talk. Severe security implications that range from passive, information gathering, attacks to active attacks where unauthorised access to buildings can be gained.
During the talk the technical details of the bus system will be discussed and multiple attackvectors will be demonstrated. At the end of the talk the disclosure procedure to high value targets and the manufacturer are also discussed.

Feeling safe at home and at work is one of the most basic requirements for living. Part of being, and feeling, safe is the physical access system of the building.
For this talk the video intercom system designed and manufactured by one of the most used brands in building access control and video entry technology is… evaluated.
In order to paint a picture of the magnitude of the security implications it is good to mention that this system is not just used in apartment buildings but also in government offices such as the probation office in The Netherlands.

The talk will discuss the technical aspects of the bus system and how and why this has major security implications. Not only passive attacks will be shown but also more active attacks that can compromise physical security in the buildings where the system is used.

The talk will also include how disclosure to some potential targets was done. The reaction from the manufacturer will also be discussed in the talk.