Wikidata: A Game Changer for Wikipedia and beyond

Lydia Pintscher (Wikimedia Deutschland/KDE)

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Wikidata is a new project for Wikimedia. Wikidata aims to create a free knowledge base about the world that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike. It will provide data in all languages of the Wikimedia projects, and allow for the central access to data in a similar vein as Wikimedia Commons does for multimedia files. It will help take Wikipedia to the next level and provide the world with a large data repository that 3rd parties can build on. This talk will introduce the project and demo the current state.

Über den Autor Lydia Pintscher: Lydia Pintscher is a people geek and cat herder by nature. Among other things, she manages KDE's mentoring programs (Google Summer of Code, Google Code-in, Season of KDE), is a founding member of KDE's Community Working Group and is a board member of KDE e.V. In her day-job she is doing community communications for Wikidata at Wikimedia Deutschland.