Getting started with AI using PowerPoint ;)

Claus Aichinger

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Or rather: How to get started with Machine Learning using Python?

We apply [scikit-learn]( to develop a simple Machine Learning model.

**What is this talk about?**

For a specific (and simple) use case, we will go through the steps needed to learn from data by training and evaluating a Machine Learning model.
In doing so, we will touch on:
- Problem setting and terminology
- Learning and predicting
- Feature selection and importance, Hyperparameters, Cross Validation

**What is this talk NOT about?**
- Deep Learning
- Different Machine Learning models
- In-depth [scikit-learn]( ...
- AI and PowerPoint ;)

As an introductory level talk, no prerequisites are required. Familiarity with Python syntax may be advantageous but is not mandatory.