How Do I Profit from Free and Open Source Software?

Karl Voit

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Why should I consider choosing a FOSS license for software I am using? Why should I care that there are open licenses as a user?

Our world is already run by Free and Open Source Software - in short
FOSS. As a person using some device or service, you don't recognize
the underlying system and its license model. The Internet consists of
FOSS to large parts, Android is run by a Linux core, many companies
could not stay in business without FOSS for development and

However, I as a person who occasionally needs to make decisions on
tooling and knowledge, how can I profit from FOSS? Why should I invest
in FOSS instead of the usual closed source suspects? What are the
reasons to provide code using an open license model? How does the
future look like for FOSS systems?

This talk gives some overview on daily and not so daily aspects,
provides some unusual point of views and tries to predict the future
developments related to this topic.