Borehole Data Management System: a web interface for borehole data acquisition

Milan and Massimiliano Cannata

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During the last years, a Borehole Data Management System (BDMS) has been developed by the Federal Office of Topography of Switzerland (Swisstopo). To facilitate the data exchange procedure, a standalone application built with closed source software is used, but this approach starts to feels too hard working by the users and recently an increasing number of partners start asking for a web-based solution. To fulfill this demand, we developed a new Web Application Prototype, sponsored by Swisstopo, using the latest Free and Open Source Technologies. The new application integrates some of the today’s best OSGeo projects and will be available (summer 2019) as a modular open source solution on GitHub and ready to use in a docker container available on Docker Hub. Through two types of authorization, *Explorer* users are able to search the BDMS for specific boreholes, navigate a configurable user friendly map, apply filters, explore the stratigraphy layers of each borehole and export all the data in Shapefiles, CSV or PDF. *Editors* are able to manage in details the informations and publish the results after passing a validation process.