Gisquick: Let’s share GIS much quicker

Jáchym Čepický

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[Gisquick]( is an open source geospatial data publishing platform. We have developed it for rapid sharing of our projects created with QGIS. We put together minimal set of functions for useful generic web mapping application - a web client for QGIS projects. With Gisquick, you can share GIS outputs with others easily and much quicker.

It consists of QGIS plugin, Django based server application, QGIS-server, and web/mobile clients. The process of data publishing with Gisquick is quite easy. You can create and set up your projects with QGIS (layers, metadata, print layouts), prepare it for publishing using Gisquick plugin and upload it to the server.

Gisquick is developed as an open source project under GNU GPL license, and for client-server communication it uses only open protocols (WMS, WMTS and WFS). It can be used without any significant modifications, or used as a starting point for further development.

The talk will present current status of Gisquick, it's special features, which might not be available in similar platforms and roadmap for next development.