State of JAI

Jody Garnett and Andrea Aime

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The Java Advanced Imaging is a powerful Java image processing engine underlines our popular OSGeo open source projects - including GeoTools, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, GeoNode, and more!

This talk explores:

* Capabilities that make JAI attractive for GeoSpatial work
* How JAI has been used in our community
* The JAI-EXT project by GeoSolutions
* Secret stuff that may be ready by August

One of the reasons our community has been so addicted to this library is its power. It explored concepts like parallel processing, and distributed parallel processing in 1999, well ahead of the curve. It is an excellent example of engineering and software design.

Tragically there has been one problem with this ... the JAI library is not open source! The library originated at Sun Microsystem as a core component of the Java Runtime Environment, but was not included as part of OpenJDK collaboration.

Importantly we will cover the search for an open source alternative, and the exciting progress made thus far. Come see how this foundational library is being propelled into an open source future by our community.