Open Green Map - a geospatial tool for sustainable living

Ciprian Samoilă and Wendy Brawer

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Created to serve a locally-led global map making network, the original Open Green Map (OGM) -, a social mapping platform, was launched by Green Map System in 2009. In the decade since, an 8 language interface and mobile site collector are among the features that attracted users in 40 countries. Dubbed ‘open’ as sites could be enhanced by the public, more than 40,000 sites were added to the OGM locally on 600 unique maps. Many of these maps became the backbone for local engagement projects and led to interactive spin off editions, print maps, experiences and media projects.

Already recognized in 65 countries, Green Map Icons bring a wide range of sustainability resources to light. These lively symbols identify, promote and link local resources in an eye-catching, easy to grasp manner that systematically connects themes and places in meaningful way.

Green Map has always served a mixed group of participants, including NGOs, schools and local governments. Since the globally-designed set of shared icons date to 1996, for many early users, Green Map was their first internet project. These evolving Icons have been provided as a font so they could be used with any graphic design or GIS application.