Using FOSS4G in HPC environment

Kylli Ek

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In Finland, the government has decided to provide free of charge HPC resources for all universities and state research institutes for open research. For long time, these HPC resources were used mainly for chemistry, (micro)-biology, physics and material sciences. In recent years, we have installed a lot of GIS software and added open licensed GIS data to the HPC environment. We have installed to a Taito supercomputer: FORCE, GDAL, GRASS GIS, PDAL, QGIS, SAGA GIS, SNAP, Taudem, Zonation, and Python and R with tens of spatial packages. The amount of data is currently about 10 Tb, including almost 300 different datsets mainly from Finnish governmental organizations.

Besides supercluster, we also provide OpenStack-based cloud environment cPouta and OpenShift-based container cloud environment Rahti, for users who want to set up their web service or database. An important use case for these services has also been setting up training environment for university courses.

The amount of users has increased with fast speed, being around 200 at the moment.

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