When Tech MIMICS Reality

Identity and Agency In the Age of Algorithms

Mathana Stender

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Many of us are reliant on the digital communication tools and reference platforms that are created by companies. These platforms - some with more users than the population of any country - are controlled by proprietary algorithms, governed through binding Terms of Services (ToS), allow for access to third-party services.
This talk will take stock of six intrusive forces that exploit invasive data collection that I have coined ‘MIMICS’: Manipulation (of our feeds and search results), Indexing (of our clicks, pageviews and social graphs), Monitoring (our content consumption patterns to shape future results), Interception (of data via upstream surveillance), Censorship (through arbitrarily enforced content moderation policies) and ‘Siloing’ (which forces users to keep their data within the walled gardens of a single platform).

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