How to make a community project fly

overflo and muzy

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The Blinkenrocket is a DIY SMD Soldering Kit that was designed to teach different manufacturing and soldering skills.

A lot of work on both Hardware and Software was done in CCC erfas namely shackspace, chaosdorf and metalab.

The kit is used in workshops since 1.5 years at the chaos macht schule events and is very successful in its purpose. Creating this project was plenty of work and there is so much to show and tell around it, it will blow your mind.

In 2016 we made BLINKENROCKET fly.

In this talk you'll learn about our journey, the lessons we learned and get insights that you can leverage to skyrocket your own soldering kit.

Blinkenrocket is a badge-type electronic in the shape of the famous fairy dust rocket aimed at teaching different skills of soldering to kids as well as young adults.
Once the kit it soldered, custom animations and scrolltext can be created at and uploaded using your audio port.

Blinkenrocket is designed to:
- teach different skills of soldering (SMD, trough hole, stencils, reflow)
- be CHEAP so it can be used at school events
- be 100% open source, EVERYTHING is available online under open source licensed terms
- provide extensive information targeted to kids as well as young adults
- be extendable
- it will sell in a BUY ONE / GIVE ONE program to support future growth and donations to workshops.
this way people who can not afford it are not excluded from learning how to solder.


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