SSSD: More than an LDAP client


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The SSSD project started as a deamon that allows to resolve users and groups in LDAP, but is gaining more features over time. In this talk, I would like to give an overview of the features SSSD has, with focus on what was introduced into the project in the last couple of years or the features we are working on now. In particular, I would like to show how SSSD allows the administrator to easily enroll a client into an Active Directory domain including access control with Group Policies, the options SSSD has for Smart Card authentication or the possibilities to manage secrets with SSSD. In future, we would like SSSD to also manage the local users, traditionally stored in /etc/passwd, which is another topic the talk would outline, at least to show what we are planning.

The talk would also include live demo.

No previous knowledge about SSSD is required. The presentation would be aimed at administrators and to some degree also Linux distribution or program developers.