Infoboxes panel

Andrew Lih, Amador Alvarez, Mike Peel, Tpt and Harmonia Amanda

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Wikidata is now used in millions of infoboxes across the Wikimedia projects. This round table will bring together people that have been developing and implementing these infoboxes, in order to discuss their benefits and challenges, and future opportunities to improve the infoboxes and to use them across more languages and projects. The panel will be moderated by Andrew Lih, and will include:
amadalvarez, who will show a collection of WD-powered infoboxes that work in cawiki since 2016 covering more than 80% of the whole cawiki. This upgraded version, made following Wiki Hackathon'18 requirement, is a multilingual solution easy to use and installation in any WP. We'll explain main features, how translation runs and reason to be used.
Mike Peel, who will show the multilingual Wikidata Infobox, which covers all topics, and is used in nearly 2.5 million Commons categories, and talk about Wikidata infoboxes on the English Wikipedia
Harmonia Amanda
The session will include a short presentation from each panel member, followed by audience Q&A.
You should attend if:

You want to improve your WP infoboxes fast and easily with WD and other gadgets from the real solutions currently in use.
You want to know the main steps to make a change point of view of editors community about introduce WD in your WP.