Wikidata/Commons contribution strategies for GLAM organizations

Andrew Lih

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With an increasing number of GLAM organizations releasing their collections through open access initiatives, there is a need to help support the dual task of mapping their open data to Wikidata, while simultaneously contributing related multimedia to Wikimedia Commons.
This session will discuss the issues around the simultaneous donation of multimedia content to Commons and structured data to Wikidata. We will present practical tools and strategies around this task through the experiences of the presenters at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum introduced an open access policy in February 2017 with the assistance of the Wikimedia Foundation. (

While this session is data-focused and will discuss techniques and APIs for interacting with the Wikidata and Commons, it is meant to be approachable by even non-programmers. Tools to be discussed include GLAM Wiki Toolset (GWT), Pattypan, Mix-n-Match, Wikidata Distributed Game, TABernacle, spreadsheet utilities, PAWS (Python notebook), and various Python code tools for working with MediaWiki and Wikibase.