Structured Commons and Wikidata

Sandra Fauconnier

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The Wikimedia Foundation and WMDE are currently working to integrate structured data support with the the software that enables Wikidata, Wikibase, into Wikimedia Commons. Structured data will turn Wikimedia Commons into a more engage-able platform from editors and readers, improving discovery, organization and the pathway for small contributions in all of the languages supported by Wikimedia projects. Additionally, providing a better Metadata infrastructure allows for better uploading of content from partner communities who want to share their media and to dynamically take advantage of the Wikimedia community's environment. Like Wikidata, structured data on multimedia files will allow for more dynamic results and improvements to how Commons content can be used both within and beyond the Wikimedia movement. Sandra Fauconnier, community liaison, will explain the updated plans for the project, with a focus on technological developments, and what we are learning from community engagement and research. Together, the attendees of this session will identify the challenges that we expect to be upcoming, and discuss ways in which the Wikidata community can be involved in the upcoming years.