Lightning Talks I

SotM Working Group

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This track gathers various lightning talks of 5 minutes each.

## Building a Free Worldwide Long Distance Hiking Trail Map Together With OpenStreetMap
*Davey Lovin* | *[mDav](*
Dozens if not hundreds of users worldwide have contributed a wealth of long-distance hiking trail information to OpenStreetMap. However, this data is difficult to extract in a meaningful and useful way and its quality varies greatly. This talk introduces [superroute]( an interactive webmap and quality assurance tool for OSM long distance hiking trails, with the goal of coalescing a community of passionate data-nerdy hikers to maintain and improve the data quality of these trails for the benefit of all.

## OpenStreetMap in the Philippines 2021
*OSM Philippines / Feye Andal* | *[feyeandal](*

Last September 2020, the OSM-Philippines community released the [Call to Correct Narratives about Geospatial Work [in the Philippines]]( We’re provided with an opportunity to share our own narratives and showcase the local community’s initiatives through a documentary-video produced by Amazon Web Services – Philippines. We would like to share OUR story with the whole OSM community.

## Localizing Community Support through regional hubs.
*Geoffrey Kateregga* | *[Kateregga1](*

The Eastern and Southern Africa Open Mapping Hub will engage with local mapping communities, facilitate knowledge exchanges, distribute funding, and provide training and support in order to massively scale local edits to OpenStreetMap in 22 countries.

## Automatic building detection with ohsome2label and Tensorflow
*Hao Li* | *[leebob](*

In this talk, we will introduce our recent work in detecting OpenStreetMap missing buildings and show you a walkthrough on how to train your own building detector using ohsome2label and the TensorFlow Object Detection API.

## ORS Tools - the QGIS Plugin for the openrouteservice
*Jakob Schnell* | *[ezelo](*

QGIS is great geoinformation software, the openrouteservice is a fantastic routing engine based on OSM data and this plugin brings them both together. Jakob Schnell from HeiGIT, one of the plugin maintainers, will give a short overview over the main functionalities of the plugin. Please talk to Marcel Reinmuth during the conference, since Jakob won't be able to attend :)

## OpenStreetMap in support of UN Peacekeeping missions: Unite Maps & UN Mappers
*Michael Montani* | *[Michael Montani](*

[Unite Maps](, a program led by the United Nations Global Service Center, is leveraging OpenStreetMap data to deliver geoservices and cartographic products to UN Peacekeeping missions in Africa. The initiative supports peacekeepers in their operational efforts (as navigation and security) in areas torn by conflict. Unite Maps contributes to the extraction of OSM data as well as community support and capacity building of OSM communities under the umbrella of the UN Mappers network.

## Water and sanitation mapping in Nairobi's informal settlements.
*Peter Ageng'a* | *[Peter Agenga](*

In this talk, we'll be sharing about the project that we conducted on mapping of water and sanitation in informal settlements of Nairobi through the support of OSMF under the 2020 microgrants projects. We'll be sharing some of the results and lessons learnt from the project and findings from a survey that we conducted on the impact of Covid on water and sanitation.


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