Norway: Successful deployment of OSM in Public Transport

Johan Wiklund

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Norway has deployed OSM on a national level for journey planning and is taking initiatives to expand the user, and usage of OSM in Norway and abroad.

Entur’s mission is to enable and increase the use of public transport in Norway. Entur operates the national registry for all public transport in Norway, collecting data from 60 public transportation operators. The registry contains data about 21,000 daily departures on 3,000 routes. This data is open and free of use for app and service developers.

We would very much like to present our success story of using OSM data as the foundation for all interchanges and routing in our national journey planner (used in the app: Entur, and, and the surprisingly easy challenges we faced due to the quality of OSM data, and the way we solved the large scale challenges, such as missing roads around the country. Why we are going to continue to build on the usage of OSM, OpenTripPlanner and other open source platforms on a European wide base to create an ever-improving public transport information distribution.

We are actively engaging with the Norwegian community to build relations, improve quality and mapping methods, even arranging beer meetups.

We are of course providing all our data openly, making it easy for OSM to make good use of for example our national stop place database, or for our NeTEx based time table data to be used in innovative solutions.