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The card10 badge: Two years of evolution

schneider and Rahix

The heart of the card10 badge is still beating strong! Let's see what happened in the last two years.

Fond are the memories of the Chaos Communication Camp 2019. If you attended, you most likely took with you a little wrist-mounted bio-sensor enabled hackable smart "watch" - the [card10 badge]( It's like a time capsule from a better world.

While the hardware was set in stone back then, the [firmware]( was absolutely not. Over time, it learned many new [tricks](; we will show the cool things that happened since you last updated your firmware. And invite you to ~~resuscitate~~ reboot your card10 badge with more features, better Bluetooth, cleaner graphics and better sensor support than what you last remembered.

Alongside the talk we plan to host self organized sessions with workshops to help you make the most of this little gem. Maybe you don't need another smart watch? How about a BLE connected indoor climate sensor, connected to your Raspberry PI, serving it directly to your phone? Stay tuned.


00:00 Intro
00:16 Herald
01:11 We are here to talk about the card10 badge.
01:27 Introduction
03:48 Please, get a case
04:57 card10 firmware
05:31 card10 Companion App & Hatchery
07:21 phypox
08:22 The Hardware Lab with an phyphox experiment
11:55 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
13:47 BLE -> Node-RED -> InfluxDB -> Grafana
15:28 Micro Python API via BLE
16:51 Pycard10 Tool
18:24 Apple Devices with BLE
19:39 Human Interface Device (HID)
20:39 ECG & Hearbeat via BLE
23:26 More Improvements to show
27:30 About the Future
30:27 Contact
31:09 Q&A Session
28:08 Outro