Welcome to FPV


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Let's mesh 3d printing, electronics and software hacking into one discipline, strap a set of video goggles to our heads like we're getting ready to to do battle in the TRON universe, jump into a virtual cockpit and fly at speeds over 180-200kmh. Welcome to FPV!

Let's talk drones! This is an introduction into the multifaceted world of FPV multicopters. We will move from basic to advanced concepts and by the end, have a general understanding on what FPV is and how to get started. The following topics will be discussed:

1. What is FPV?
2. What components make up a modern multicopter?
3. How to build our own drone.
4. How to flash our drone with open-source software.
5. What peripheral devices are used for controlling a drone?

Building your own home-made flying robot is an exciting undertaking. With that said, preheat your 3D printer, warm up your soldering iron and fire up your IDE. Let's get started!


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