get your tools offline

Martin Hamsch

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We own a lot tools to get online - But you can get of the hook on your own. So if you are familiar with software - your are ready to go. Don't believe it?

Everywhere even from hacking magazins like make. But using arduino / eps32 I promise it is possible for everyone to get tool off the hook. Afraid of hardware. And gues what - harware is like software. So if you are familiar with software - your are ready to go.

A short inside in my projects TonUINO (offline RFID-Audio-Box), HID personal customizable Touch/Keyboard, Time-Tracking-Cube, SecureChat

TonUINO - offline, mobile, RFID, 3-Druck, power-saveing by hardware, earphone -

HID - a freely customizable Touch-Panel for Text-Blocks (used e.g. for Project-Name and Task-Tags), select text from grid by just drawing a line (St)

Time-Tracking-Wuerfel - 12-sided "cube". Rotate the topic to top. Turn again on end. Get your tracked-Times by bluetooth, usb or from your http-server. To be extend with 2nd gesture.

partially available ,


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