Neoliberalism has been killing us - Chile is awakening

The Chilean peoples´struggle for dignity and social equality

Sabine Mehlem

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Since October 2019 the Chilean people have been fighting for social dignity and equality. During the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in the 80's nearly everything in Chile was privatized including the health system, education and pensions. As a consequence the people suffer economically, get deeply indebted and become slaves of the banks. The Chilean people are fighting for and demanding a new constitution which is free of neoliberalism.

As an eyewitness to the historic events in Santiago of the Chilean uprising beginning in 2019, I participated in many demonstrations, took hundreds of photographs, interviewed many demonstrators and got hit by a lof of teargas. I saw at first hand the violence of the Carabiñeros de Chile, the highly militarized police that President Piñera sent out to attack his own citizens. I saw seriously wounded people in the streets as well as the brave and heroic people who helped them. In my presentation I will show fotos of the movement as well as the fanatstic street art which tells the story of the Chilean revolution.