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Playlist "May Contain Hackers 2022"

The War in Ukraine: Cyberfront

Kirils Solovjovs

When the pandemic was declared over, Europe went into a war. This was the first major conflict in Europe where an important part of the war was waged online.
Anonymous, disBalancer, IT ARMY, and the western governments.

These are stories from the cyber front lines.

Welcome to a panel of speakers from Ukraine and EU. We will discuss what happened on the front, how it helped to turn the war in Ukraine's favor, the international cooperation, the cyber offensive, and the how and why of it.

We will discuss, DDoS, information disclosures, backdooring, psyops, and propaganda.

Chris Kubecka, CEO and Founder of HypaSec, Anastasiia Voitova, security software engineer at Cossack Labs, and Peter van den Heuvel, Security analyst from Saxion, are joining us to share their stories.