Practical documentation workflow

Dag Wieers (Dagit Linux Solutions)

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Writing technical documentation can be fun, even if you have to produce DOC, ODF or PDF files that need to conform to a visual corporate identity. In this presentation we will look at the various options and we will highlight a specific solution that brings git/subversion, vim/emacs, LibreOffice/OpenOffice and Makefiles together in a beautiful (subject to eye of the beholder) marriage of Open Source technology. If you often have to write proposals, design documents or technical procedures, you will enjoy this presentation and proposed solution. The toolchain increases efficiency, makes collaboration possible. Styling and formatting become an afterthought.

Über den Autor Dag Wieers: Dag Wieërs is a long time Linux user, Open Source developer and, professionally, freelance Linux and Open Source consultant. He is part of the CentOS project team and packager at the RPMforge project. As an Open Source developer, Dag is involved in dstat, proxytunnel, mrepo, dconf and asciidoc-odf and a myriad of other projects.