( #95 ) Organisms vs. Automatons

Paolo Podrescu

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CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of live events using curated films + media bits to collectively navigate our challenging times. An interventionist cinema environment, a situationist art and a hacking of the screens. Participation + discussion encouraged !

C-KiNO #95 will be an updated version of our episode presented at Bits Und Baume at TU Berlin in Oktober 2022. For Chaos in Potsdam we would like to provide a brief report back on our experiences at BnB conferences ( both 2018 and 22 ) along with our ongoing work related to the controversial "Anthropocene" and "Technosphere" framings of our ecological and social crises. We share our "XLterrestrials" ( i.e. alien, sci-fi and indigenous-inclusive ) analysis and critical perspectives. And we encourage questions, discussion and debate.