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Playlist "FrOSCon 2013"

Dynamic Service Configuration in the Opensource CERN Cloud

Daniela Dorneanu

Automatic cloud management is one of the most popular topic in computer science today. In the latest years Openstack technology has imposed itself as a standard cloud infrastructure. Due to the heavy demands of the LHC experiments, CERN IT department is continuously expanding its infrastructure and the in-house developed tools are not sufficient any more. Therefore, CERN IT service team has started the Agile Infrastructure project, which aims to update the IT infrastructure to be managed through Openstack. In this presentation we will submit a possible procedure to integrate a CERN service into the Agile Infrastructure. As CERN has many services that need to be integrated with this new infrastructure, our goal is to build a process which could be used as a generic procedure for other similar services. The main challenges are regarding the communication with other services, the complexity of the tool itself, but also in the goal to have the process generic enough to scale automatically for next releases and different services. The service we integrate in the Agile infrastructure is the license server infrastructure.