An ODe to OAuth

Akos Hochrein

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We all know that remembering passwords is hard, so why not leave it to someone else? In this talk, I would like to introduce how we improved our social authentication system in our Django applications at Prezi with the aid of the Python Social Auth package.

After a long time coming, we at Prezi introduced social authentication using Google mid last year. This seemingly trivial problem soon became a nightmare after we realized that our custom built session management systems completely misalign with the standards of the industry and open source. However, our team did not give up the dream of having a fully scalable and easy-to-maintain component that we can be proud of.

In this talk, I would like to present you the war story of how we revamped the social authentication systems at Prezi (whilst becoming open source contributors) using the Python Social Auth package, enabling a significant amount of users to access our services on all platforms.