Competitive hacking as team sport: An introduction to Capture the Flag

Martin and Liam

Playlists: 'gpn21' videos starting here / audio

Competitive hacking as a team sport? Physical flags are out of fashion, therefore this talk gives an introduction to virtual Capture the Flag (CTF). CTF is about finding and exploiting purposefully placed security vulnerabilities during usually weekend long events. The targets and vulnerabilities range from simple programs and websites with classical security issues to modern technologies requiring cutting edge exploitation techniques.

To not just bore you with dry theory, we show you how to successfully solve a challenge of GPN CTF live on stage. GPN CTF will run during GPN (Friday noon to Saturday midnight) and all creatures are welcome to participate, no matter if total beginner or experienced pwner. After the talk, there will be the opportunity for new people to form/join CTF teams for GPN CTF.

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