Testing software? Yes, please!

How SystemTestPortal can help you test

Daniel Kulesz

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If conducted systematically, software tests can help developers deliver software that works properly. Test automation helps a lot, however, not all tests can be automated equally well. In settings where manual testing is the only feasible option, it is often done amateurish. This talk demos how our free web application "SystemTestPortal" can be used to easily test software like a pro - even in small hobby projects.

Testing of software is essential. Projects that fail in this discipline deliver buggy releases and scare away their users. A lot of testing can be automated today, but many critical issues are often only detected with manual testing. However, especially small FLOSS projects often struggle hard in doing this systematically.

Systematic testing sounds boring but it can be a lot of fun and bring developers, testers and end-users closer together. Thanks to the free and lightweight web application named "SystemTestPortal" (developed at the University of Stuttgart), creating, logging and analyzing tests can be a breeze. It also offers management functions for planning and controlling tests by offering dashboards, the ability to assign testers to test cases and so on.

The first part of this talk I will discuss the importance of testing and its challenges. In the second part, I will give a demo, showing how SystemTestPortal can help here and how it can be applied even in small hobby projects.