A journey through philosophy: exploring metaphysics via memes and a sprinkling of pop culture.

Kara Langford

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Over my time in academia, I've endured a number of existential crises whilst learning about the concepts within philosophy that are required in order to undertake academic research. I figured that, if I'm going to spend the rest of my life constantly questioning my existence and reality itself, why not share this experience with others, too? A problem shared is still a problem that keeps you awake at night staring into the abyss unable to function. But hey, at least now I'm not alone.

In order to explain these theories and share my recurrent episodes of screaming WHYYYYYYYY at the universe, I've collected a number of memes and references over the years to convey concepts such as what is it to 'exist', why the scientific method is just as 'made up' as anything else, how we define 'truth' and lots of other tasty things to create a pervasive, disjointed feeling that you just can't seem to shake. Join me in this journey and then we can all go and sit by the lake and have a good cry / scream / rock back and forth because what does it all mean and what even is real anyway and I'm off to go eat a cake because while I can't actually prove if the cake is a lie or not I'm convinced it is damn tasty and I NEED TO FEEL SOMETHING OTHER THAN THIS EXISTENTIAL UNCERTAINTY FOREVER OKAY?