Socio-technical evolution for hackers

Igor Nikolic

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The world around us can be understood as a complex bio-geo-chemical-socio-technical system that constantly evolves. The constant interaction between the individual, society and institutions on one side and the myriad of technologies on the other shape its past, present and future through a so called "coupled fitness landscape". Hackers are a vital part of this evolutionary process, exploring the so called “adjacent possible” by constantly interconnecting, short-cutting and sometimes downright breaking the barriers between social and technical systems. This talk will bring insights from current academic research on Complex Adaptive Systems and Universal Darwinism, explore their relevance for the hacker community and attempt to make them actionable as a set of guidelines for hacking this co-evolutionary process.

The proposed format is an interactive lecture of 45 minutes to an hour, with maybe a game or two thrown in for a good measure. Debate and intenraction will be actively encouraged