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Shenzhen I/O IRL - an open source educational electronics puzzle.

Rick Pannen

An electronics learning kit based on the pseudo-assembler language and simplified electronics of the "Shenzhen I/O" puzzle game by Zachtronics ( Built with the cheapest microcontroller china has to offer.

This is currently work in progress.

I implemented an interpreter for the Shenzhen I/O pseudo-assembler language and an implementation of the "Simple I/O" and "XBus" pins on the ultra-cheap 8bit Padauk PFS173 microcontroller (3000 words of flash memory, 256bytes of RAM).

The kit consists of a GUI application for programming the microcontrollers and a circuit board. The board connects to any PC via USB and has 2 emulated "MC5000" microcontrollers and different peripherals like buttons, a seven segment display, a buzzer etc. that can be connected via jumper wires. Users have to solve tasks by connecting the components with jumper wires and programm the microcontrollers with up to 14 lines of pseudo-assembly language.

Everything is based on open source (Compiler toolchain, GUI and electronics) and is intended to be used a gamified platform for learning basic electronics and programming skills.