How i came to own a data center vending machine

Christian Kroeger

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The presenter has been active in different data centers over many years. Many times has he helped out other parties with various tools or materials. Even looking for help from time to time, the fixe idea formed to have a data center machine to be able to buy nuts and screws, tools or cables. But this was nowhere to be found. This seemed like something to start an interesting project...
The journey started with an idea how to get some kind of data center vending machine project going. What would be needed? How could it be provided given the different machine types? How about support? All types of questions and a long journey with many people involved started.
After many setbacks, many ideas thrown out, many people saying "No this will not work!" the device actually got shipped. But this was only the start of an even longer journey to the point, the first patch cable changed hands and the first optic got programmed and used inside the data center.