400G - don't get confused with this transceiver generation

Thomas Weible

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Modulation PAM4 and newly introduced formfactors are the key player here.

Transmission speed of 400G is becoming a reality, with new challenges for optical and electrical components in high speed systems emerging as well.
PAM4 modulation is one key component for 400G transmission with transceivers following Ethernet IEEE 802.3bs, this talk will be a show and tell into PAM4. With this knowledge, the design decisions behind the new formfactors OSFP, QSFP-DD, SFP56-DD and µQSFP are easier to understand.
This talk will help you to:
* Design / build new kind of applications or connections with your networking gear in the field
* Avoid pitfalls when designing your racks
* Be aware how power consumption and new plugs will be part of the new world of 400G transceivers.