Automating Image-Based Boundary Delineation

Ivan Ivanov

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As intention to facilitate faster establishment of cadastral databases, different projects were initiated to support rapid automated approach for boundary extraction from remotely sensed imagery. Such project is the EU funded “its4land”, developed as a joint venture between several organizations including University of Twente. Despite the current advancement of the modern segmentation algorithms, there are imperfections in the output that have to be further manually filtered out. Therefore, a QGIS plugin called BoundaryDelineation was designed and developed to support an interactive delineation of visible (cadastral) boundaries to speed-up the process. The plugin supports the full pipeline of loading, picking and drawing segments, and saving to a remote server the final validated output, which allows rapid reduction of the mouse clicks compared to manual delineation, which affects the overall speed of creation of cadastral entities.
The presentation will consist of a general overview of the its4land project, and main focus on the usage of the BoundaryDelineation QGIS plugin as a more general-purpose assistant in boundary delineation.