Flood Vulnerability Index for coastal communities linked to mangrove forests based on the COASTMAP URABÁ project in Colombia

María Fernanda Peña Valencia

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Natural hazards such as floods are receiving a lot of attention around the world and the vulnerability assessment is a strategy to develop prevention and mitigation plans. But it is important to work under a conceptual framework that considers communities as socio-ecosystems, especially with climate change. In Colombia, floods have always been a serious threat for its population, and many coastal communities could be in risk. To face these hazards, mangrove forests are fundamental elements for the resilience of coastal livelihoods and the entire coastal zones. Then the COASTMAP URABÁ project that is being carried out since 2017 in the Urabá gulf in Colombia and that so far has created free access maps of two coastal communities using the mapping methodology created by the HOT team, has allowed the development of a Flood Vulnerability Index for coastal social-ecosystems (FVIc) that could be used in all the coastal communities of the country.